Sadness, Joy and the love for HaShem

There is a deep sadness, when we are celebrating the immortality of the Yiddishe Neshama. The loss of a loved one is devasting beyond words.There is a measure of the Neshama in the knowledge that death is not final. The essence of every Jew will live on forever and ever. Clinging to the knowledge of HaShem's eternal connection to His people and being happy, sing and dance is a great gift from HaShem. It enables us to come close to HaShem. A way in uplifting ourselves and to reach a higher place. Where gravity pulls us down, but the joy uplift the soul. It is like Neilah at Yom Kippur and dancing on Simchas Torah. The avodah of dancing on Simchas Torah is the joy of Ashreinu Ma Tov Chelkeinu. When Yidden dance in a circle, there is a  intensity of closeness to HaShem.

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The month of Tammuz

All names of all the months in the Hebrew calendar are Babylonian. During the seventy- year exile, the Jewish people adopted the names. But of all names given, this one stands out most, because it's a name of a Babylonian deity and idol. Then why would the Sages allow a name of idolatry given to this month?

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A very special, warm and welcoming community ❣

Learning about Chabad Chassidism in Crown Heights Brooklyn NY, with Meir Friedman.

Like the maker of this video says " Be ready to be amazed " Discover the beauty of this Jewish community,  Lubavitcher headquaters at 770 Eastern Parkway, better know as "770", Shul and Yeshiva, outreach to all Jews, and made welcome into the home of Rabbi Manis Friedman.

Tikkun Olam - Improving the world 

The key concept in Jewish thought, that in order for the world to come into being, HaShem had to conceal His presence. The problem, however, when HaShem hides, the people start thinking the potition is up for grabs. Every man can think he is G-d, and if he is G-d, he can do as he pleases. And this the only source of all the injustice and suffering taking place right now.


Tikkun Olam means getting to the source of the problem and fixing it. Tikkun Olam is discovering the world that is not a junkyard or a no-man's wasteland. It's discovering the beauty and endless wisdom to gain, it's the ultimate divine mystery.


Performing Mitzvahs, like study Torah, davening, wrapping Tefillin, Tznius, observing Shabbos, keeping kosher, is feeling the mystery within yourself. Every single Mitzvah we perform connect us and our world to a higher level of divine purpose.

Ein od Milvado.

Yesod ShebeMalchus ~ Day 48 of the Sefirat Ha'Omer.

Something so true and gives so much value to your daily life.

Thinking has a profound effect.So does not thinking.

A mind obsessed with yesterdays travesties, today's aches and pains, and tomorrows dark clouds, creates problems where none exist.

It transforms daydreams into realities, molehills into monstrosities, innocent creatures into venomous snakes. All the more so when such words pass the lips into the tangible world we all share.

Thats why simply turning your back to those thoughts is such a powerful form of healing ~ for every sort of illness. Distract your mind to good thoughts, productive thoughts, thoughts of confidence in the One Who Made You, and especially thoughts of Torah.

Heal your mind and heal your soul. You will heal your body as well.


Is there a difference between loneliness and being alone?  The answer is yes, loneliness is somerhing you can easly change by meeting other people or picking up the phone, simply by talking to somebody and instantly you don't feel so lonely anymore. Being alone is something different, you can do the same thing but after coming home or putting the phone down the feeling of being alone is still there. This what happens when you are really alone.

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This is far more than a medical crisis! 

Mazel Tov Lily Ebert

Lily's story is deeply moving as she is inspirational to all of us. In the depths of Auschwitz Lily made herself a promis, that if she survived she would dedicate her entire life to make sure the world would know what happend during the Holocaust. Together with her great- grandson Dov Forman, they created a platform on social media, but in particular on TikTok, to educate and reach younger people.

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Peace will come when the Arabs will Love their Children more than they Hate us ~ Golda Meir


The Belzer Rebbe's program to support ex-Chassidic Jews

Important change is happening in the Belzer Hasidic community. Unfortunately, when someone decides not to remain religious anymore, they can be cut off from their family and the community they grew up in, which often, is all they know. This doesn’t always happen, but it exists, and it is now being both publicly addressed and admonished.

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