Why we have so many children? Raizel and her mom explained this is such a beautiful way that moved me , thank you to Raizel and her mame ❤

The Coming of Moshiach

Lately I have been thinking about the coming of the Moshisch, and what will he bring and how do we know he has arrived. As we all know it is not Jewish thinking to go to heaven, we have to bring heaven down to earth, that is our mission together with this to bring more light to the Nations, as they are part of HaShem's plan.

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Who is the Moshiach

The Moshiach will be a Jewish leader, a human leader and descendants of Dovid HaMelech ( King David ), the Moshiach serve a dual role and ruling over humanity with justice and he will uphold the Mitzvot, the 613 commandments of the Jews and the 7 commandments for non-Jews. 

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Jews as the Chosen people

Throughout the centuries, many have claimed that Jews have pointed to be the concept of chosenness as a attempt by us to flaunt supposed superiority and greatness. In reality, just the oppersite is true.

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