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By Rabbi Lazer Brody  

A truly amazing story of Shaindy Plotzker.

Rebbetzin Unplugged is a community leader of  Chabad Venice Italy and owner chef of  Gam Gam Kosher the best restaurant in Italy. Motivational speaker and an inspiration  to many.

Inspiring women in Judaism

My reason why a topic about OTD - off the Derech- is simple: A Yid is a Yid, but apart from this I do like to create awareness about Hasidic Jews leaving their community and what we as a community can do to help. Struggling with problems or trauma can be the reason for leaving, however, this could be avoided by being aware and giving that helping hand. Find out what keeps this person busy and how we can get the right help.

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Pearl a Satmar Chassidic woman

Part one and two are about Pearl, she is a lovely and warmhearted  Satmar- Chassidic women from Williamsburg and a true Yiddish mame. What inspires me the most, is her warmth towards OTD and all she want to do is help. The more I listen to Pearl, the more I felt that HaShem guided me to watch, listen and learn from Pearl and be inspired by her.

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Pearl's reaction went viral and more video's followed and apart from being inspirational, Pearl serves as a positive role model ❣

Watch more inpirational video's with Pearl on Frieda Vizel Brooklyn tour Youtube Channel.

Very open and honest, my personal views are that Frieda is not in any way disrespectful. When leaving the Hasidic community, there will always be this part of you as a Hasidic man or woman, which is embedded so deep inside of you, which will remain with your entire life. When going into the Hasidic community dressed like a Hasidic women is indeed like Frieda says, turning into your old - self. A part from the pants, Frieda is dressing tznius.

Leaving the fold is not easy, its not done lightly and there are good reasons. You cannot always speak you mind, or do what you want without being put back in your place, this is putting it mildly, and often not why someone leaves the community.

Frieda is doing an amazing job in representing the Satmar Hasidic community with her Hasidic Tours in a very respectful way, wearing pants is Frieda who is no longer part of the Hasidic community, but deep down inside is a different story. 

You can take a person out of Hasidic community, but you cannot take the Hasidic community out of that person. The loyality and respect remains.

The name of this essay has been changed.


This is a reading of a very personal essay that I wrote in 2010, shortly leaving after the Hasidic community. It does not reflect my life today, and how I feel now. Many years has gone by, and many old wounds have healed. But the essay remains a time capsule of those hard time as I transitioned onto a different path. I read it for the camera when we had a camera set up in our home for a different project, and I found the experience of reading out loud those raw, heartbroken moments to be deeply moving.


Please be gentle. I've been agonizing over whether I should publish this as it's extremely personal and I would appreciate your kindness.


Frieda Vizel


My childhood as a Hasidic boy - Izzy Posen

Keep going

I have never found a navigating life and social norms intuitive. For me just to keep going requires constant concious effort, constant re- evaluation, almost daily mini- existential crises, pushing back against nihilism and self- scepticism.

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The Belzer Rebbe's program to support ex-Chassidic Jews

Important change is happening in the Belzer Hasidic community. Unfortunately, when someone decides not to remain religious anymore, they can be cut off from their family and the community they grew up in, which often, is all they know. This doesn’t always happen, but it exists, and it is now being both publicly addressed and admonished.

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Pray hard Play hard, a Youtube Channel by Yossi Loloyan with inspiring video's about Torah and Jewish life.

Check it out, its about Parshas, Haftorah and Pirkei Avos.