And Study of the Torah is Equivalent to them all...

The Torah

The Torah contains the story of creation of the universe and of humankind. It also contains the history of the Jewish people and the ethical and ritual laws given to the Jewish people by HaShem.

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The Mitzvah of learning Torah

With dedicating ourselves to " Learning Torah" and recognizing that the study of Torah itself is one of the 613 Mitzvot of Torah. We might see learning Torah a means through which to know how to keep Mitzvot, but not as a Mitzvah itself.  The practical Mitzvot are a fulfillment of HaShem's command in the realm action, Torah study is a fulfillment of His command in the realm of thought and speech.

With recognition of Torah study as its own Mitzvah, is the most important part of the way in which we accepted Torah at Har Sinai. As we should conprehen, that it is not possible to do a Mitzvot without listening first and finding out what they are. With this it would make more sense to say ' We will listen and we will ( then ) do".

The following explanation from Zohar:

" We shall do~ with performance of Mitzvot, and we shall listen~ with the words of Torah.

The awareness of learning Torah as a Mitzvah defines the concept of Torah Lishmah.

Now how do we learn Torah as a individual? What does Torah for us and what the Torah requires from us?

The most important thing which we gain from Torah study is a Divine connection, which is the spiritual influence of Torah. The study of Torah is necessary since without, we could never come to observance of the Mitzvot. When we do not study Torah, how do we know what is commanded to do? But apart from this, study of Torah fulfills a huge role in perfecting ourselves.

A fundamental concept regarding learning Torah, is that although the Torah takes the form of words and statements, the essence of Torah is the divine influence within Torah. Our mind is the means how we processes Torah, elevate through Torah and resides within us. Learning Torah is not about information, but about how we can transform ourselves. 

Through involement and stuying Torah we become attached to HaShem's Word and Will~ and He and His word and Will are one.

" If a person acquires an object, can he also acquire it's owner? Yet the Holy One, Blessed be He, gave the Torah to Israel and said to them, " You have, so to speak, acquired Me well" - The Sages.

Having described the unity with HaShem which we attains through learning, Tanya states that the intent of attaining this unity is what defines the concept of Torah Lishmah- for it's own sake.

Recognizing that this is crucial in learning Torah and a element of connecting with HaShem that comes through Torah study. When we are mindful of the role of Torah study, in performing connection with HaShem's Will and through this with HaShem Himself. We will come to see this in a different light, awareness that our achievement in Torah are measured.

From our own experience in learning Torah, we can see the difference between our understanding and where we did not. A deep level of understanding of Torah, does not rest on the surface, but lies at the core and requires investment in Torah study.

The words of the Sages are defined by Mishnah in Pirkei Avos:

" And all their words are like coals of fire ".

The effort in learning Torah and it's succes, doesn't mean that we are reaching a point where we have to put no effort in Torah study. Succes in Torah means that we reach a point where we can invest in a higher level. Torah study is never completely done, it is a cycle which  pursuing our own Torah connection

The Inner Dimension of the Torah

Everytime we perform a Mitzvah( with joy ), we create a spiritual garment for our Neshama.

Jewish mysticism in Hasidic thoughts is the essence of Torah, its a journey of our spiritual self as a Jew.

By studying the inner dimensions of the Torah we can achieve joy, which we can find back in the teaching of Chassidism and Kabbalah and in this part of the dimension of Torah is all about us to love HaShem, pure by observing His commandments. The beauty of this study enables us to understand more about the Hidden secret and consealed aspects of the Torah. This will help us to go deeper into what is driving us or guiding our lives.

Only the Hidden dimension of the Torah has the power to reveal to us the deepest secret about HaShem and His creative power and His ultimate plan. 

It also teaches us in which His super natural realm function, but most importantly, the inner secret of the Torah focus mostly on HaShem and His relationship with us. 

Whereas in earlier days this study was just for a select few, like the Vilna and the Baal Shem Tov, his teaching dominate Torah and state that in generations the coming of the Moshiach is a obligation to reveal to the world the Hidden secret and wisdom of the Torah.

The Secret of the Torah 🔹️Rabbi Manis Friedman

An historic ceremony, ancient, worn- out Torah scrolls from the Kotel brought to burial.

The scrolls date back to different era's, some being 150 years old, some scrolls survived WW1 and the Holocaust in Poland, Lithuania, the Czech republic, Romania and Hungary.

Jerusalem, 12 Sivan 5783