And Study of the Torah is Equivalent to them all...

" As a Jew.. "

There is no Jewish nation without the Torah, and the Torah is not complete without the land of Israel.

            ~ Am Yisroel Chai ~

  To the person who wrote this , Thank You!

      " A Truer word has never been spoken " 



The Torah

The Torah contains the story of creation of the universe and of humankind. It also contains the history of the Jewish people and the ethical and ritual laws given to the Jewish people by HaShem.

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HaShem has a plan.

We don't know His plan, we might not understand it, we also don't know why He sends us yissurim, but somewhere I have the feeling that His plan involes us, to make the world a better place.

Through Davening everyday and by performing Mitzvahs as well as doing good deeds,  and by studying the Torah and learning out of other books, there are also lesson to learn from life.

Our lives are full of suffering, but we must understand that everything, that happens is for the best and has a reason, and everything that happens in our lives is part of HaShem's plan.

Emunah helps us accept yissurim and survive that with inner peace He gives us, HaShem wants us to grow, He wants the best for us and rise to full Spiritual level. His desire lies at the heart of HaShem's relationship with Klal Yisroel. In Parshas Yisro, Moshe Rabbeinu tells the Jewish people:

" HaShem is giving you the Torah, in order to raise you up" In order to elevate the Jewish nation as a whole, and each and everyone of us, to lift us up to our fully spiritual potential.


Just like HaShem want's us to grow through the Mitzvot, He also likes us to grow through our life experiences, especially at difficult times its hard to understand how outright suffering helps us to grow. Yissurim, whether its physical or emotional, it  will restrain us and hinder Avodas HaShem, this will prevent us from Davening, Learning and from doing Chesed, they do hijack our thoughts and makes us sometimes even depressed.


Why is HaShem rejecting our Avodah? 

  • This feeling might comes from our mistaken understanding of personal growth. Growing doesn't just mean " Shteging " , yissurim doesn't makes it any easier to have uplifting feelings of closeness to HaShem, and therefore we have to break free from negativity, in order to rise to a whole new level. Real grow means change and yissurim pushes us to change! When everything goes smoothly in life its very difficult to push ourselves in growing even further. Personal growth is always geshmak and difficulties  that pulls us out of our comfortzone will show us what we need to do

What makes a person not hearing HaShem?

The Pasuk explains, that their heart are corrupted and needs flattery from someone, because they must have the others approval, to self- validation which is important for this person in order to survive, without they are lost! This is the intend of the pasuk, that we don't hear HaShem.

Yissurim hurts the most when we loose things we do think we need, HaShem's message is that our personal growth lies in escaping our dependence of those needs, especially when they are negative and we have break free from them.

For the most part we do not understand, what we gain by letting go. HaShem knows that and thats why He wants us to listen in order to grow to our full potential by learning, and to find meaning in life, without all these needs, we think we can't live without, because we always relied on them, instead of relying on what HaShem gives us.

When yissurim comes our way, we can listen or we don't listen, its our choice and as its not always easy to listen to HaShem's call of change, its often even painfull what we have to undergo, but as HaShem knows that this is a brave step, He will lead us to something bigger and better. When we listen, we will discover growth and realize we gained so much more, than what we lost.

What I understand is that by performing Mitzvahs and by Davening, studying the Torah, doing good deeds, that this will spark our Neshama to light up the world.

The Importance of Torah Study

The study of Torah is the most important of all Mitzvahs, because it opens the door to observe other Mitzvahs. Talmud Torah is a very specific Mitzvahs as we can read in Devarim 6:7.

You shall teach your children,and you shall speak of the words of Torah, while you sit at your home, and when you walk on the road, when when you lie down and when you rise. This tells us to study the Torah ourselves. When we devote ourselves to knowing the words of Torah, to comprehen, and give it our first priority and study it over and over again, we are studying the way HaShem wants us to live, to engage and the discovering of the essence of Judaism, which is the essence of ourselves.

The moment when we neglect Torah study, history teaches us that without fail, in every community that did not teach Torah enough or not made it first priority that in time it was non existing. The Torah is our bridge in which connect us to HaShem, we interact and communicate with Him through our study and fulfill the covenant.

Every Jew without Torah is like a fish without water, and in essence of our very life and soul, without we don't have an existence.

That is the importance of Torah study.

The Inner Domension of the Torah

Everytime we perform a Mitzvah( with joy ), we create a spiritual garment for our Neshama.

Jewish mysticism in Hasidic thoughts is the essence of Torah, its a journey of our spiritual self as a Jew.

By studying the inner dimensions of the Torah we can achieve joy, which we can find back in the teaching of Chassidism and Kabbalah and in this part of the dimension of Torah is all about us to love HaShem, pure by observing His commandments. The beauty of this study enables us to understand more about the Hidden secret and consealed aspects of the Torah. This will help us to go deeper into what is driving us or guiding our lives.

Only the Hidden dimension of the Torah has the power to reveal to us the deepest secret about HaShem and His creative power and His ultimate plan. 

It also teaches us in which His super natural realm function, but most importantly, the inner secret of the Torah focus mostly on HaShem and His relationship with us. 

Whereas in earlier days this study was just for a select few, like the Vilna and the Baal Shem Tov, his teaching dominate Torah and state that in generations the coming of the Moshiach is a obligation to reveal to the world the Hidden secret and wisdom of the Torah.

The Secret of the Torah 🔹️Rabbi Manis Friedman