Bar Mitzvah 

When a boy turns 13, he becomes Bar Mitzvah and has all the rights of a Jewish adult, this includes the Mitzvot. From this day he will wear Tefillin every day, which means coming closer to HaShem, doing this Mitzvah because this is what He wants. Visiting Shul services and takes a place in the community.

Most of the time the Bar Mitzvah is celebrated in Shul, wearing his Tefillin. The Bar Mitzvah is called to the Torah, leads the service and holds a speech, preparations are been made in advance.

Even without a special ceremony the Bar Mitzvah is automatically a fact, but because becoming Bar Mitzvah is a huge turning point in a boys life, we do make a point of celebrating this event with family and friends.

                The importance of Tefillin

                     Bat Mitzvah πŸ‘ΈπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰

When a Jewish girl turns 12, she is Bat Mitzvah and from this day she has all the rights and responsbilities of a adult, this is including the Mitzvot, the girl takes place in the Jewish community, but it is not all about the do's and the dont's, it is also about celebrating becoming Bat Mitzvah with a party with family and friends. But even without celebrating this day, she still becomes Bat Mitzvah.

Up to the day of Bat Mitzvah, it is a good time to start learning about Mitzvahs, and why we are doing them. This is also the time to start your very own personal relationship with HaShem. You can also prepare and just find a Mitzvah that is meaningful to you, for example keeping Kosher, or Chessed, Tzedakah, maybe dressing Tznius, or if you never lit the Shabbos candles you can start with this beautiful Mitzvah, which means so much more than just lighting candles.

Just choose the most powerful Mitzvah to you 🀎