The small alleyways of Nachla'ot lies between Rechov and Mechane Yehuda Market, and the quiet resudential neighborhood  Sha'arei and Sacher Park.


Nachla'ot is one of the oldest neighborhood in West - Jerusalem. Fascinating life of the Nachla'ot began with the construction of 23 neighborhoods in the late 1800s, and founded by the must loved philanthropist Sir Moses Montefiore. The Nachla'ot is built in serie of separate residental area's for the Ashkenazi and Sephardi communities. 

Many of the orginal houses are still there and as generations of the neighborhoods passed away, Nachla'ot gain a whole reputation and a haven for muscians, arts and American Jews who turned part of there neighborhood into a Torah community. The old Nachla'ot still remain with fiercely religious Yiddish- speaking Jews and with dozens of Shuls.

In that same year that same year Sir Moses started to built outside the walls of the Old City, which was becoming overcrowded and unsanitory. In 1875 six new neighborhoods were built outside the wall of Jerusalem's Old City. In that same year Mishkenot was the second neighborhood of Nachla'ot, as a Ashkenaz neighborhood alongside they built a Sephardi neighborhood Ohel Moshe.

A  Syrian- Jewish commity seltted in 1900 and built the Ades Shul, which they finised in 1901.

Nahalot Ahim, which is south of Rehov Bezalel, was built in 1925 for the Yemenite community



Mikveh kelim in Nachla'ot

A walk through the alleyways of Nachla'ot the most popular neighborhood of Jerusalem.

Photo's by K&M


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