Sukkos refers to the 40 -year period of wandering the desert, fallowing the exodus of the children of Israel from Mitzrayim, we celebrate Sukkos by dwelling in our Sukkah.

Sukkos is celebrating seven -day holiday with gadering the harvest and to remember the miracles HaShem provided by protecting the children of Israel. Seven days and nights, we eat all our meals in the Sukkah, a Sukkah is a hut, which is made of at least three walls and a roof of unprocessed materials, like pine or other sort like branches. We aim to spend as much time as possible in the Sukkah, if not possible at least the first two nights of the holiday.

If building a Sukkah outside or even in your house is not possible, because there is no room, you can think of making a overhead cover above your table, like a Chuppah. We do not sleep in the Sukkah, although in some communities this is custom.

A Sukkos observance is to take every day , accept for Shabbos, the arba minim ( four kinds) which is lulav, azavot, hadassim and etrog, before buying the four kinds,check if it Kosher. Arba mimin is a Mitzvah, as is sitting, eating and reading & studying the Torah in the Sukkah. Shaking the arba minim is performed by men, but women can also perform this Mitzvah. 

The lulav should be hold in the right hand and make sure the spine is facing you, the etrog in your left hand and bring them together, with this the Mitzvah is done. It is preferable to do this on the first day of Sukkos. There is this custom to wave the arba minim in six directions.

When going to the Sukkos morning services, you should take the arba minim to Shul as we wave them again during the Hallel prayer and the Hosha'anot ceremony.

Unity is one of the most important part with Sukkos next to the Mitzvah of the four kinds, arba minim symbolizing four different types of Jews, in different levels of observance and knowlegde of the Torah.

On the last day of Sukkos, Hoshana Rabba, we smash the Aravos to the ground


This year is Hakhel year, where the children of Israel would go up to Jerusalem, to Beit Hamikdash to hear the King read the Torah, and today with the recreation of the Hakhel, we are doing this by coming together and learn about the Torah, get inspired and share this with others, and what better place would there be than in our very own Sukkah.

As Sukkot is about unifying, we could prepare and get ready for Sukkot together.

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The first two days and the last two days of Sukkos work is forbidden!