🔹️Wat is Kosher? 🔹️

Kosher means " Fit " in requirement to Jewish dietary laws, which means that when products are on the Kashrut list and certifified, the food is Fit to eat.

But there is more to it then only the food, this can be bought in certified Kosher shops, or with the Kashrut list in a local grocer  but in both cases always check, because today it is Kosher, tomorrow it might not be, as it is not be certified as Kosher anymore, often due to faulty preparation. To get your food as you can see is not a problem,  and meat can be bought at the Kosher butcher.

It not really dificult to maintain Kosher, two sets of everything, to keep dairy separated from meat, plastic bowls for parve, keeping everything separate in the kitchen and in de refrigerator as wel on the counters.

The dificulty lies more in the outside world, as not everybody is keeping Kosher and non Kosher restaurant are just off limits,  While you are somewhere in the middle of nowhere,  meaning somewhere in unfamiliar surroundings, just check the  products on the Kashrut list for food  which you can eat, or hot drinks in karton or plastic cups, with plastic spoons, solves the problem.

Sometimes when we are invited to dinner at someone else house, a non- Kosher household, and we decline politely the invitation, it is not that we don't appreciate  and not  being very sociable, but more to keep the commandments.

This only makes it just a bit less fun, but doesn't keep us from not Keeping Kosher.

There is so much more, just check out the link below


  🔹️ There is so much information available, and as it is too much, and too little space on here,and I could fill my whole website with it! Instead  I  chose to share a link from Chabad, it covers everthing a person needs to know about  Keeping it Kosher 🌮🥩🥯🥘


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