Pesach is the most important Jewish holiday, which marks the end of slavery and the Exodus out of Egypt. The Torah tells us that the Pesach refers to the scrifice of the Paschal Lamb, its also refers to G'D passed over the houses of the Jewish people during the 10 plaques on the Egyptians and  the slaying of the first born. With Pesach we celebrate the freedom, the story of the Exodus and the Passover Seder held on the first night which marks the beginning of this holiday.

Pesach is observed for seven days in Israel and for eight days in the rest of the world. The main event of the holiday is the Seder, a festive meal in which the Haggadah is receited. During these days its forbidden to eat Chametz, the main reason for this is when the Jews quickly had to escape Egypt, they didn't had enough time to let the bread rise, instead of bread they ate Matzah, which is unleavened bread. Part of the Seder includes hiding Afikoman, this one half of the Matzah which kept between two other Matzahs during the Seder and its later hidden for the children to go in search for the afikoman and usually they receive a reward of finding it.

Days before Pesach, its for many a very busy time, preparing and cleaning every corner of the house and remove all Chametz from the house, some Jews burn it,or symbolical sell the Chametz.


Open the door to Eliyahu Hanavi

With Pesach we use special dishes, which are not used outside the holiday, the food we prepare at Pesach goes beyond the usual rules of keeping Kosher, there are special rules preparing food that is Kosher for Pesach. 

Matzah are the main part of Seder, but we have also:

🔹️Maror , horseradish, a reminder of the Bitterness of the Savery

🔹️The Salt- water  simbolizing the Tearse of the Slaves.

🔹️Charoset , which is a sweet paste and made of Fruit and Nuts.

🔹️Zeroah, its a shank bone, and representing the Pesach scrifice.

🔹️Beitzah, they are hand-boiled eggs and symbolazing Life and Birth.

🔹️Karpas, this is a green leaf vegetable, like lettuce and symbolizing Hope and Redemption.

🔹️Its a required to drink the Four cup of Wine.

Work is not permitted on the first two days and the last two days.


Pesach Sheni

This day represents a second chance, when for example someone was unable to take part or  in a state of impurity ( contact is a dead body) and couldn't prepare the Pesach offering.

The second chance is achieved through Teshuvah, which means "  return " ! On the second Pesach there is de second chance to observe the Mitzvah of the Pesach offering.

Customary this day is eating Shumrah Matzah, and by leaving out Tachanun from the prayer service.