Kibbutz Be'eri  

Kibbutzim & October 7th πŸŽ—

The kibbutzim, its communities unlike any other in the world. Among the beautiful landscape of the Kibbutzim, which was founded and were Be'eri engaged in low water landscaping and planting trees. Kibbutz Nir Oz was based om agriculture, farmers were ask by the IDF as they were living proxminity to Gaza to harvest at night, to lower the risk of coming under siper fire by Palestinians.

Both kubbutzim are locared in southern Israel and north west of the Negev desert and near the eastern border with the Gaza strip.


On October 7th 2023, in the early hours of Shabbos morning and Simchas Torah, when they getting ready to go to Shul, Hamas carried out a massive attack on the Kibbutzim, at the same time attacked Israel by land, air and sea.

A massacre and Some who manage to escape came back to help others, only to be murdered on the hands of terrorist and Palestinians who were more than willing to assist.

The video's made by Hamas, which they proudly shared with the rest of the world, were horrific, a trail of destruction and death of 1200 people. A modern day Holocaust, with more killed in one day than in the Holocaust itself in a day, there only fault was being Jewish,  a definition of genocide. Not long  ago in a interview Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh declared that they will repeat October 7th over and over again, in the same program he called for a Intifada worldwide against all Jews, for being Jewish.

On october 7th apart from parading the streets of Gaza with Jewish people in the back of their pick-up trucks or on the back of their motorbikes, they also took 250 hostages, often tortured and raped they kidnapped  them and taken them into Gaza, from the 250 hostages 117 so far has been released. Isreal paid a painful price, hundreds of murderes Hamas terrorist for a few innocent Jewish lives.

After 6 months there are still 133 hostages kept somewhere in tunnels of Gaza or elsewhere, the ICJ in The Hague demanded the release of all hostages. So far only 3 has been released.

At moment  the youngest hostages are 1 year old Kfir Bibas, with this 4 year old brother Ariel.

Imagine this were your children.



Kol Isha

A light in the darkness for Be'eri    πŸŒŸ  Chanukah 5784

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Stories of the reaming 133 hostages, please share.

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