Beauty of the Mikveh

 The importance of observing Niddah and the Mikveh is so full of modesty, but also a taboo. The Mikveh is a very private affair, and most avoid subject we don't like to talk about, yet a whole tractate  Mikvaot of the Mishnah chapter 7 is devoted to the subject.

What is a Mikveh and what to expext, first of all there are various range of Mikveh, from very luxurious to sober ones, the most luxurious Mikveh are fully equipped with area's for preparations and beautiful pools.

Depents on what you want, you can choose for a private or a semi- private Mikveh. Private  means, the Mikveh has a basin, this is usually in the same room where you have a bath before immersion. Semi- Private means, you have a bath or a shower in the same room, but have to go into the next room to use the Mikveh.

Before the Mikveh you will have to have a ritual of cleansing, the Mikveh lady will inform you all about the procedures, from how to procede until you are pronounced Kosher.

The importance of the Mikveh is spiritual and family purity.

The beauty of the Mikveh is that afterwards the Honeymoon between husband and wife starts all over again.

Mikveh for Women

🔹️Before the wedding ( within four days)

🔹️A week after the monthly period has stopped.

🔹️After giving birth, ( When the bleeding has stopped completely.

Mikveh for men

🔹️Before the wedding ( within four days)

🔹️The day before Yom Kippur

🔹️On the morning of a Bris ( new born son, on the eighth day)

Many Chassidim have a immersion before every Shabbos and every major holiday, this is not customary.