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Wat is Tanya

Before I am going to try to give you my inside or wat I think I understand Tanya is about, I ilke to tell you how I came in contact with Chabad and learned about Tanya.

I never  had heard of Tanya before, didn't know what it meant and as women we are primarly excluded from Judaism in the Ultra Orthodox movement.

With only a Siddur and the Mitzvot( the ones applying to women), its a lot to catch up with. My Journey brought me to another country, and it didn't made things easier, instead of getting closer to HaShem, I only was drifting further away, without a proper foundation I was searching and didn't know where I belonged anymore, one day I wanted to be Liberal and the next  Modern Orthodox, but none of that gave me the sense of belonging, until I spiralled out of controle and not even Shabbat was Holy anymore.

But then there was this Chabad Shaliach, to whom I forever grateful, the time and effort into bringing me back, starting with being really stricked about keeping the Shabbat and doing the Mitzvah. This Shaliach introduced me to Chabad and there the spark ignited and I started to read everything was send to me, including  the amazing stories about women scholars, like Devorah Leah the daughter of Rabbi Shneur Zalman also known as the Alter Rebbe.

Devorah Leah inspired me so much and this is how my journey  began, with the Torah and doing the daily and weekly Parsha's, an then I discovered Tanya, but as Tanya is hard to understand, especially for someone like me with limited knowledge, I settled for "Tanya, the masterpiece of Hasidic Wisdom, this book is  so inspiring, easy to understand and it brings the text almost to life.

Tanya means " It was taught "  and written by The Alter Rebbe, Rabbi Shneur Zalman, also founder of the Chabad Hasidim and among his fallowers Tanya is called " Torah Shebeksav Shel Chassidus Chabad, which means " The written Torah of Chabad Hasidim.

Not many have ever heard of Tanya, that's because its rarely taught outside the Chabad movement and secondly Tanya is as they say, so dense and steeped in the Kabbalistic terminology, which is hard to fallow. Tanya is written for Jews, who are not only seeking a relationship with G'D, but more a transformative encounter with the infinite, that will or at least for a moment , empty them of all sense of the separate self.

There is so much to Tanya and Hasidim, about Chochmah, Binah and Da'at which is one of the distinguishing characteristics of CHaBaD! But there is much more to explore, to go over, to understand and make it your very own.