For some years now, there are a number of people  visiting Shuls or a Chabad house and Rabbi's. This happens everywhere and these people who are not born or raised Jewish, did discover the Torah. There are many ways to learn about HaShem and wat He has to say to the world, but there is a difference in the way we connect to HaShem through the Torah, the Jewish way  and the non- Jewish way. Somebody doesn't  have to become a Jew to learn about HaShem and the Torah.

Jews have their Mitzvahs and the Gentiles have theirs, the Noahide laws. What does it mean for a Noahide? Someone who is connected through the path of Noah and not through the path of Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov? This is basically more on a biological level than on a spiritual level, there are seven devine universal paths but there is a whole lot more than just that.

What do we say to a non- Jew who says that he/ she want to become a Jew? Often they have no real reason, or can't give one. The thing is, no non- Jew who has to become a Jew to serve HaShem, with the seven Mitzvahs HaShem gave the Non- Jews, they can serve HaShem, but in a different way. 

The seven universal paths, what does this mean in todays world? This is basically going right into the heart of this issue, when someone want to become Jewish, they can do this voluntary and they can take it upon themselves to do the 613 Mitzvot of the Jewish people and convert to become a Jew.

But in nature the definition of a Jew is someone who is born Jewish and is not Jewish by choice, we didn't choose to be Jewish. Non- Jews who do giyur (conversion ) convert to Judaism by choice and this sounds if it is something special, which it isn't. This means that in this world we have two different kinds of Jews, without choice and with choice. When a non- Jew converts and there is nothing that could possibly take this persons mind of converting, he is just destined to become a Jew. 

The difference lies when a Non- Jew converts for obvious reasons and when asking why, they don't have a specific reason, often can't give a reason at all apart from the benefits they can gain from Mitzvahs, or the lifestyle of the Torah which they can enjoy anyway. This is also the reason why we discourge giyur, and real converts cannot be discouraged.

There is a sort of balance in the world where every human being has a part in, when everyone being Jewish the world wouldn't be in balance, wouldn't be complete, the way HaShem made this world.

The commandments given to the Jewish people are different to the commandments given to the non- Jews. In a non- Jewish life, there are seven commandments to fulfill in a lifetime and someone when making this choice can dedicate their life to serve HaShem, which makes it more meaningful.

We as Jews are here to serve HaShem and dedicated our lives to the Mitzvot, to the Torah in order to function. What we are doing for HaShem, is wat He is doing for us, this is the relationship we have with Him.

               How to convert to Judaism