Are we forched to be religious? We are Not forced, it is a choice we make.


Pidyon Haben, redemption of the First Born Son 

The article in the New York Times and attack on our education given in Yeshivos, our Yiddish lessons, Talmud Torah means something, is a purpose and foundation for life. Listen what Dani and Raizel has to say on the subject, this is very important that everyone understands the real importance of our education.


Chabad couple Dani & Raizel Namdar, better known as " That Jewish Family" travels around the world with their lovely one year old son Mendel, to give everyone insight in Hasidic Orthodox lifestyle and education in Judaism in their very special and unigue way, making our lifestyle a happy one, where there is a lot love, fun and happiness.

Enjoy ❤

Lubavitcher couple Q&A on Intimacy and Relationships 🤍