The Rebbe tells us to stop worrying and have more trust in HaShem.

Published on 9 November 2022 at 17:28

When we worry less and have more trust in HaShem, the more He provides.

What is our view on the world of today? At the moment is a very scary place to be, and when you are a kind of person who is naturally fearful, it could easily get on top of you. When you sit down for a minute and think about this picture in your mind and  how we can bring ourselves to state of calmness, in order to see the problem as it is and not as we are, we can also come up with more solutions than problems which makes us more confident and less fearful.

Parshat Shoftim tells us how soldiers were cautioned not to give their fear away, because this could cause panic on the battlefield, and lets face it the battlefield is a very scary place to be, and being fearful would be a natural thing. But soldiers are trained to keep their attention with idea that HaShem will be with them all the way into the battle. The soldiers trust that they are safe in the hands of HaShem, and therefore they remained, calm and strong.

Now imagine we are all soldiers in HaShem's army, and our beliefs and trust in HaShem is infinity great,  this will help us to overcome our fears.

Rabbi Manis Friedman once said something similar to what modern psychologie tells us about the power of attention of imagination in order to change our emotional experiences. When we think about bad things, we get scared and our heart rate will get up, and our brain will release certain chemicals to the body, these are the so called fight or flight chemicals,and should only be released in life- threatening situations, meaning picturing bad things in our mind, equals unpleasant emotion, which damage our emotional health.

But when we think of postive things, it has the oppersite effect, we are calm and feeling happy, with a steady heart rate, and the brain will release chemicals which are benefical for our body. We can teach ourselves to combat feelings of fear and instead make more positive pictures in our mind, which will reduce stesslevels and anxiety, and we could teach our children this as well.

But the most powerful thing of all is  "Stop worrying, and have more trust in HaShem."