Published on 27 October 2022 at 10:01

Words can be meaningful, words can be empty, just hollow.

What do words mean, when they are filled with nothinginess? These words will not go far, will not change a thing, in todays world we hear words against antisemitism  from so called important people, after we made a stand, which they couldn't ignore, various of these so called important people did jump on the bandwagon in order to show us, but mainly the world how good they are. I do  know that there are some who are sincere  enough when speaking out on our behalf. Always say what you mean, and Mean what you say!

The words of Torah filled with love, compassion and understanding, gives us comfort when the going gets tought, and gives insight in who we are. When we spreak words of Torah we see a change, within ourselves, within others and in this world.

To study the Torah, is best not to study alone, but with someone else, as our discussions will reach HaShem, He will hear us, as we are giving Him what He needs from us, He gave us His Torah to spread His word, to make this world known to His word, and to bring more light into the world, This world was not made perfect in the first place, it is our job to make it perfect, to bring heaven to earth, in order for HaShem to live with us.

His word is never meaningless, never empty, these are the words we can trust, rely on and give us insight, hope and comfort.