The Inner Dimension of Torah

Published on 28 May 2024 at 14:17

Judaism has a body and soul, the two are in harmony and find expression through embracing the body and comes alive through merging with the soul. The body and soul in Judaism is halacha. Halacha means " The Way " the way we live, the way we do things, or don't do things.


The soul of Judasim is Kabbalah, the hidden wisdom and inner dimension of Torah. Jewish spirituality is deeply rooted in our past, in the revelation of Sinai, our purpose and demostrates our roots, the written Torah and in the Oral tradition of Torah.


Spirituality is not something we have all to ourselves, but its a purpose for which we are created. Everything  has a meaning, nothing happens without a reason. The inner dimension of Torah has a meaning of getting to know HaShem, that He is so much more than just  " The Infinte " which simply doesn't refers to His essence.


Spirituality is aiming towards the ultimate perfection in relationship with HaShem, to bring heaven down to earth. Do we need spirituality or can we just follow halacha without a soul?  And when we follow halacha without a soul, how do we pass this on to others or the next generation? Are we not missing something?



Knowing HaShem, is expressing His Oneness, loving Him, having emunah and bitachon in HaShem, these are all important elements of halacha, the body of Torah, but a body alone can not function, therefore we need a soul. Without a soul we may have the light but we are missing the essence of HaShem. The unity of body and soul , are darkness and light, heaven and earth, matter and spirituality. They are the essence of everything in true life.



The inner dimension of Torah is the soul of Torah, the essence of our relationship with HaShem.