Yehuda Becher הי"ד

Published on 24 January 2024 at 10:50

          Torah learning and the Jewish Soul


The Neshama is derived from a higher world, in a world were we enjoy the closeness with HaShem. 

When our soul is being send into the world, which is a distance from the place which was our home and now we reside in the human body. When we were still only a Soul we were close to HaShem, but didn't really know Him. By sending our Soul into a body, our G-dly Soul remembers and want to reconnect with HaShem and by doing this wie study Torah, and learning of Chazal our great Sages and Scholars, and we gain that closeness again, but now we are getting to know HaShem and be able to serve Him and this wat our G-dly Soul is yearning for.


Learning Torah is for the Soul like taking a breath and feeling the enjoyment of serving HaShem. The Soul is our true self, and mirrors the spiritual reflection of our Jewish Soul.


This is life changing Rabbi Manis Friedman says. But wat was so amazing about the singing of this man, apart from the words he was singing just an hour before he was murdered at the Nova Music Festival. 


It was not the song itself, it was the words and where they were coming from. This man was not a obsevant Jew wirh a Orthodox Chassidic upbringing, of years and hours and hours of studying Torah, the kabbalah of the inner dimension and Chassidus of the Torah. He wasn't  even wearing a yarmulke or Tzitzits.


But  while he was singing the words, which came from his G-dly Soul, a piece of HaShem, and at  that moment there was this light coming from within, a G-dly spark and he understood HaShem better and that is a piece of HaShem. We see, we feel and, we hear with our Soul. This is every Jew, this is Soul Consciousness.


May our Mitzvos and good deeds in merit his soul and may his memory be a blessing.


His Soul is alive and back home, until  in time to come, just like the words he was singing:


You created it..., and You preserve it within me. You will eventually take it from me, and restore it within me in Time to Come. So long as the soul is within me, I offer thanks to You...


A pure soul, a piece of HaShem.

" Cheilek Elokah Mima'al Mamash "