The Moshiach

Published on 30 March 2024 at 18:01

The Vilna Gaon teaches us that there are 5874 sentences in the Torah. Each phrase in the Torah corresponds to a specific year. The first sentence, Bereishis – in the beginning G-d created,” corresponds to year one. The second sentence with year two etc.


According to Jewish tradition, the world will continue in its current state for 6,000 years and now is the year 5784 of the Jewish calendar. If we count 5784 sentences we arrive at: “Parsha Ki Tavo”-  Devarim


In the sentences from the verse in 5688 (1928 CE) we see that they coincide with the gloomy years of the Second World War and the Holocaust, in which the Jewish people were affected by the atrocities of Nazi Germany. According to this calculation, the 5784 the verse of the Torah describes in a terrifying way the impending great misfortune of Israel.


Devarim 32:25 says: “In the streets the sword makes victims and in private there is terrible fear, to the youth and maiden alike, the babies and the elders as well!” This description from the verse in 5784 which symbolizes the year 5784 clearly refers to the barbaric madness of the monster  “Hamas!”


In the next sentence number 5785, Devarim  32:26. It says what could happen next year: “I will destroy them to the uttermost corners, I will leave no memory of them in the memory of humanity.”


                                 אמרתי,פאיהם;  אשביתה מאנוש, זכרם


G-d himself will bring about the destruction of the forces of evil. As confirmed by the way it is written in Hebrew. This sentence has 5 words and 26 letters. The fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is “ה ” and it is equal to the number 5. This symbolizes the breath of existence. Also, the 26 letters in the sentence correspond to the value of the name G-d.


The numerical value of number 5785 (this corresponds to the year 2025) is 2170. If we now look at verse 2170 we arrive at the prophet Zechariah 9:9 where the prophet says: “Rejoice greatly, daughter of Zion; behold, your king comes to you, he triumphs and is victorious..  אני אקשיב לנחלה שלי, הו ירושלים: המ,ל  יבואאליך, צידיהקונושואהיו


We hope this prophecy comes true. And that the Moshiach will appear next year, accompanied by our heroes. The soldiers who fell to save us and all humanity from the hands of the barbarians.


  R' Yitzchak Tangi, Yad Ezra 



Art by Rivka Korf