The Ghetto - Yad Vashem

The power of the Torah and Mitzvos, the Weapon of Eternity.

The Moshiach

The Vilna Gaon teaches us that there are 5874 sentences in the Torah. Each phrase in the Torah corresponds to a specific year. The first sentence, Bereishis – in the beginning G-d created,” corresponds to year one. The second sentence with year two etc.

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The Shabbos Project

What would be my Shabbos project? It has to be something that would make a difference. The world we live in,and the blame on Israel for defending itselves. This is not a new thing, as we all know when the western world fails terribly, they need someone to blame and who is better to blame then the Jews.

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Ahavas Yisroel

Sometimes in life we hear others saying " I love all Jews " we also read it on social media. Its kind of hurtful when their actions are speaking against it and its obvious there is a selective list of who is loved.

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An historic ceremony, ancient, worn- out Torah scrolls from the Kotel brought to burial.

The scrolls date back to different era's, some being 150 years old, some scrolls survived WW1 and the Holocaust in Poland, Lithuania, the Czech republic, Romania and Hungary.

Jerusalem, 12 Sivan 5783