Pearl a Satmar Chassidic woman

Published on 26 October 2023 at 10:30

Part one and two are about Pearl, she is a lovely and warmhearted  Satmar- Chassidic women from Williamsburg and a true Yiddish mame. What inspires me the most, is her warmth towards OTD and all she want to do is help. The more I listen to Pearl, the more I felt that HaShem guided me to watch, listen and learn from Pearl and be inspired by her.

Pearls youngest son Yoely left the fold, but before he did that he lead a sort off double life, still being Hasidic dressed went to the boiler room downstairs to change in Heavly Metal clothes, with this peyes tucket away under his cap, Yoely was part of a Heavy Metal band. As he was not really happy with his life, but caring enough not to want to hurt anybody.

Pearl speaks with so much love about her son, what she did for him, what her husband did in the hope to get him back into Judaism. She talks about what a shock it was, seeing your own child being so unhappy did hurt and she was trying to find way to deal with it, the many prayers to HaShem, the fasting, but what strikes me most about Pearl is when she is talking about HaShem and the Torah there is something about her, her eyes lit up and there is so much love and joy. Pearl educated herself, studied Talmud which is prohibited for women, but that didn't stop her doing some studying for herself, she also did a lot of reading and is still so humble about it, Yiddishkeit is very important to her and Shabbos so special as it is a gift of HaShem and should be treasured.

Pearl is an inspiration to us all and may HaShem bless her.