Trauma PTSD and OTD

Published on 19 March 2023 at 19:48

This is a story about a serie of traumatic experiences which could lead to PTSD and eventually OTD.


It is not an easy story to tell, but I will try to explain it in the best possible way.It is not a detailed story of abuse of any kind, and not to put blame on any community in particular, but more to create awareness. The first part is a little bit more about trauma, and in the second part the story goes a bit deeper into the trauma, which sometimes could result into PTSD and why someone with no alternative or options left, leaves the community.

That life is not always easy, we all know that and sometimes it even seems unfair, but most of the time we enjoy life. Sometimes things do go wrong in life and often not due to our own fault. I want to share a story should  where something went terribly wrong, very upsetting and don't even know how to tell it, when you are emotionally attached it is hard to fond the words not to turn it into a drama, which is not the intention, but more how the victim dealt with the pain and heartship and came out of this stronger.

PTSD which means Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, give someone who suffers of it a wide- range of symptoms, from a normal response or a adaption to  non- normal life conditions, due to trauma. Struggling with emotional problems  for a long time, which result in a reduced self- esteem. PTSD has many different manifestations, the importance is treatment of attachments often hidden in emotional patterns of pain, which results in anger and frustration. Not many people will recognize PTSD as it often not visible on the outside.