A man should say, ' I can exist without you, but what a life would that be ' 

The fact surrenders to the Truth!

What will 5783 bring? It is definitely more hopeful and meaningful, we can leave the fear behind as HaShem is here to protect us, eventhough we are not always aware of it.

HaShem Chosen us among all Nations, because there was no other choice!!

How to be Happy! Listen very carefully what Rabbi Manis says!

Idolatry is of all times, but the worship of self is something that is very populaire, but is also very destructive.

There is a difference between self- improvement and improvement of self. 

We do things we don't need, but we do them because HaShem wants us to do them.

From the realm of thought into the realm of action!

We need to be connected on the level we were not connected before with Hashem

The kabbalah of making Money 

The question that everyone asks, but nobody answers.

Rabbi Manis Friedman in a interview with Hadassah Chen from Channel 7, Israeli National News in " Real Talk " show.

Every Jew have a portion in the world to come?

In one word Emes!

When we study the Torah, it means we are studying HaShem, getting to know Him, He gave us the Torah and with this precious gift He revealed Himself to us and this is why we say a Bracha before we start the Torah Study, to say thank you to HaShem.

How to be Thankful, despite all the craziness

A Jew can Run, but a Jew can't Hide!

The most powerful, yet the saddest message of all.

A very unpopular truth about Israel! There is a lot wrong with being a Jewish state in a democracy, it doesn't go together and that is the obvious reason why democracy is Isreal is stuck.

The Secret of Chabad

The sound of silence