The Talmud is referred as סש ,that are the first initials of the Hebrew word ששה  סרריס  Sheeshah Sedarim, which means Six Orders ~ the Six Orders of the Mishnah on which the Torah is based.

Because there are two Gemaras, one from Israel and one from Babylonia, there are two Talmuds. The תלמזד ידזשלמי Talmud Yerusalayim, the Jerusalem Talmud, contains the Mishnah, along with the Gemara, from Israel.

The תלמזד בבלי Talmud Bavli, the Babylonian Talmud, contains Mishnah and Gemara from Babylonia.


A tractate which is volume of the Talmud is called a מסכת Masechet or plural Masechtot, the Babylonian Talmud has thirty- seven Masechtot, the Jerusalem Tamud gas thirty- nine Masechtot.

The Talmud is a massive collection of legal interpretation, case law, and legal precedents, this along with history, biography, ethical teachings, Jewish thoughts and story- legends.

Sometimes the arguments in Talmud are dificult to follow because the discussions often wander of from the starting point before  returning to the orginal question.

The most fasinating two succeding lines of a Gemara in the Talmud, is were two Sages who lived hundreds of years apart seems to be arguing with and responding to each other over a particular issue.

However, Talmud is studied for practical applications of Jewish laws, en for mind expanding challenges in logic and reasoning, for its total immersion in Jewish concerns, for its wisdom and insight and for the simple reason to love of learning and growing.