The Effects of Torah study & Teshuvah

Published on 23 June 2024 at 11:29

The effect of Torah learning relates to the spiritual connection, which it create. The study of Torah is necessary matter, since without a person could never come to observe the mitzvos, for he or she doesn't know wat is commanded to do or not to do. Aside from this, the study of Torah fulfills in perfecting us. The Ramchal tells us that the fundamental concept of Torah learning, the essence of Torah is the Divine influence, the words of Torah as we read and understand these words, G-dliness will elevate our entire being.




1. Confession is the starting point of teshuvah.

2. No one choose to suffer, but it does facilitate the healing process of teshuvah. When suffering comes our way, we should accept it with love as we accept the good things when coming our way.

3. If we wronged someone, we have to set it right before we confess to HaShem.

4. Regret your actions and leave the sins and transgressions and promis not to repeat them again.


Teshuvah is to eradicate harmful behavior, the effects of tehuvah are straightforward, when a person is confronted with a opportunity, will this person refrain from wrondoing, or will those negative impulses overpower to resolve to change?

Rambam says that someone who succesfully overcome such a challenge is a " Master of Teshuvah. "


Teshuvah requiers us to learn something about the yetzer hara. The yetzer hara expresses itself in four distinct aspects- fire, air, water and earth.


๐Ÿ”น๏ธ The yetzer hara of fire is related to arrogance and anger. Just like a flame always reach upward, so is the person with a fiery yetzer hara and when suffer a few insults, this person will respond with fury.

๐Ÿ”น๏ธAir, retains the quality of fire, but is associated with a very rapid movement, and the person whose yetzer hara is influenced by air will favor the sins associated with speech- gossip, flattery, ridicule etc.

๐Ÿ”น๏ธWater is associated with the yetzer hara of hedonism. The most life-affirming of the elements, the person with this yetzer hara is caught up in endless pursuit of sensual pleasure.

๐Ÿ”น๏ธ Earth, this yetzer hara is connected with heaviness and gravity. The most inactive of all, a person afflicted with the yetzer hara of earth is prone to laziness and despression. Unlike other types, the earthy yetzer hara has no internal activity like fire, air and water they all move, earth by nature does not. This makes this type of yetzer dangerous and is associated with Amelek, the eternal enemy of the Jewish people. The other types of yetzer hara, since they are all in movement may be redirected to a positive end. The yetzer hara of earth, like and unhealty habit, is especially difficult to pull out and move it elsewhere.


A person's mind is the means through which he processes Torah, but the ultimate respository of Torah is the person himself, who becomes elevated through the Torah and resides within him.


Learning Torah is not about information, it is about transformation.


Through involement in Torah study, becomes attached to HaShem's Word and Will, and HaShem and His Word and Will are One. When He given us the Torah, He said to us " You have, so to speak, acquired Me as well. "

Through Torah study we attached and connect to HaShem, through teshuvah we return to HaShem, as our soul is it root and source in HaShem.