What is Chabad's view on Zionism? The immigrants to Eretz Yisroel and keeping them frum and being aware of the dangers of secular Zionism. 

Hayom Yom Biography of the Frierdiker Rebbe, Rayatz -class 7, listen here

Inside Chassidus- Chabad and Zionism, our philosophy


Rabbi Yossi Paltiel

The Effects of Torah study & Teshuvah

The effect of Torah learning relates to the spiritual connection, which it create. The study of Torah is necessary matter, since without a person could never come to observe the mitzvos, for he or she doesn't know wat is commanded to do or not to do. Aside from this, the study of Torah fulfills in perfecting us. The Ramchal tells us that the fundamental concept of Torah learning, the essence of Torah is the Divine influence, the words of Torah as we read and understand these words, G-dliness will elevate our entire being.

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The Way of Teshuvah

The concept of Teshuvah is not only associated with sins or transgressions. We can repent even when we didn't transgressed, as the meaning of Teshuvah is to return to our source. Every soul goes through a spiritual downfall at some point and with that we are losing our G-dly sensitivity.

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The Inner Dimension of Torah

Judaism has a body and soul, the two are in harmony and find expression through embracing the body and comes alive through merging with the soul. The body and soul in Judaism is halacha. Halacha means " The Way " the way we live, the way we do things, or don't do things.

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How to Win A War the Jewish Way

October the 7th on Shabbos morning, as many were getting ready to go to Shul. Its Simchat Torah and as many sang  and danced with the Torah Scroll, the news was slowly spreading, whispers and worried faces, men in IDF uniforms hurrying out of the doors. A strange feeling, mixed emotions of joy and fear.

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Insight for Purim from Rabbi Jonathan Sacks Z"L

The fate of Haman has been throughout history the fate of individuals and nations: that those who try to destroy the Jewish people end by destroying themselves. Great empires sought to harm the Jewish people... Yet every one of them has disappeared, while our tiny, vulnerable people can still say: ‘Am Yisrael Chai.’

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The Soul

Our soul or neshama is The self, as Beresheis describes the soul as HaShem's breath  " And G-d breathed into the nostrils the breath of live. "

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Chayalim singing to HaShem on the battlefield.

Jewish Identity

The most asked question who is a Jew, but how do we define Jewish Identity? These are the questions that kept me busy for a while now and in search for answer, which I found in the book " A letter in the scroll " By Rabbi Jonathan Sacks. 

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The prohecies of modern day global terrorism and the Middle East conflict are in HaShem's Torah. The forces of good and evil in the world are not a coincident, but can be explained trough teachings of Jewish mysticism Kabbalah.

An amazing spiritual experience prepared by international Kabbalist and produced by Torah Ohr

The power of the Torah and Mitzvos, the Weapon of Eternity.

The Moshiach

The Vilna Gaon teaches us that there are 5874 sentences in the Torah. Each phrase in the Torah corresponds to a specific year. The first sentence, Bereishis – in the beginning G-d created,” corresponds to year one. The second sentence with year two etc.

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The Shabbos Project

What would be my Shabbos project? It has to be something that would make a difference. The world we live in,and the blame on Israel for defending itselves. This is not a new thing, as we all know when the western world fails terribly, they need someone to blame and who is better to blame then the Jews.

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Ahavas Yisroel

Sometimes in life we hear others saying " I love all Jews " we also read it on social media. Its kind of hurtful when their actions are speaking against it and its obvious there is a selective list of who is loved.

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An historic ceremony, ancient, worn- out Torah scrolls from the Kotel brought to burial.

The scrolls date back to different era's, some being 150 years old, some scrolls survived WW1 and the Holocaust in Poland, Lithuania, the Czech republic, Romania and Hungary.

Jerusalem, 12 Sivan 5783