Parshat Toldot

Published on 24 November 2022 at 21:44

Toldot tells us about the two sons of Yitzchak, with both great potentials but very different in character. Yaakov was gentle and compassionate, his brother Esav was a hunter, a warrior, wilde and always seeking pleasure. Yaakov devoted himself to study the Torah, Esav on the otherhand had this great potential to become fearless, a G-dly warrior and dedicated to fight against evil, wat he also could have done, is to work on his own impulses and negative temptations, but Esav had no intention to change.

This Parsha is teaching us that each of us has unique talents and opportunities. HaShem tells us to develop our potential, to use these unique talents to transform ourselves and the world, instead of just reacting on impuls, rather than asking ourselves " What am I needed for?" This really helps us to live a life with purpose and to make a difference.

When we go through the proces of transforming ourselves, it will become second nature, which will be much more refined, this will help us to become who we are meant to be, and by doing our part in making the world a better place, and more G-dly, as HaShem asked each and everyone of us. We are here to improve the world and with the guidance of the Torah and living our life morally, we bring a lot of good and light into the world.

When we react to people or even in dificult situations with anger or blame, we have to challenge ourselves.