The importance of Talmud Torah

Published on 23 November 2022 at 13:17

The study of Torah is the most important of all Mitzvahs, because it opens the door to observe other Mitzvahs. Talmud Torah is a very specific Mitzvahs as we can read in Devarim 6:7.

You shall teach your children,and you shall speak of the words of Torah, while you sit at your home, and when you walk on the road, when when you lie down and when you rise. This tells us to study the Torah ourselves. When we devote ourselves to knowing the words of Torah, to comprehen, and give it our first priority and study it over and over again, we are studying the way HaShem wants us to live, to engage and the discovering of the essence of Judaism, which is the essence of ourselves.

The moment when we neglect Torah study, history teaches us that without fail, in every community that did not teach Torah enough or not made it first priority that in time it was non existing. The Torah is our bridge in which connect us to HaShem, we interact and communicate with Him through our study and fulfill the covenant.

Every Jew without Torah is like a fish without water, and in essence of our very life and soul, without we don't have an existence.

That is the importance of Torah study.