Parshat Lech Lecha

Published on 4 November 2022 at 09:32

In Parshat Lech Lecha, the Torah choose to teach us the important lesson of " Staying on course " this is witin the context of Avraham's journey to the land of Israel, and it does influence that theme's are hardly coincidental, the message created could not be more relevant to our times.

Today's diapora Jewish community exits at a time it is possible, and yet a variety of reason's, and some are more convincing than others, in our personal journey to our homeland, this has been aborted voluntary, like Terach we have decided to remain in Charan at the time that other choices exist.

We do care about the Israeli's, we are concerned for their safety, but in our eyes the State of Israel has to a great extent,  lost its shine, the Israeli' existence no longer moves us any longer, so it seems.

This growing apathy is reflected in the mixed feelings of the " Yeshiva World " towards the State of Israel,  the declining spirit of the organized religious Zionist community in America, and in the growing support of the State of Israel conditional upon it adherence to our political positions.

Many resonse is when we demiss the importance of the State of Israel, it can't be so wrong for living in dispora, if Israel isn't a miracle, then we are not blind for ignoring it.

Finished and on finised journeys, is when HaShem appearse to Avraham and launches Jewish history with the commandment: Lech Lecha mei' artzecha, go for yourself from the land from you birthplace, and from the home of your father to the land that I will show you. Avraham responds by going on the journey to the land of Canaan, this is where the story of our nation begins.

When HaShem told Avraham " Go to the land of Canaan " how did Avraham know where to go?, could it be the land of Canaan was well known to him, as it was a land prepared for contemplation and the worship of G-D? The Sforno goes on to say  that Avraham left for Canaan on its own, he did not stop traveling until G-D appeared to him in the city of Shechem, this appearance fulfilled G-Ds promis: " The land that I will show you."

As we can read on the end of Parsha Noach, Avraham's father, Terach embarks upon a mysterious journey with his entire family, without indication why, the Torah simply states, " And they left from Ur Casdim to travel to the land of Canaan ", which means they left with Terach's family, this was including Avraham and his family.

Shortly before they reach their desination, the journey was aborted, as the Torah indicates " And they came to Charan, and  they settled there....and Terach died there.

What was the drive of Terach's journey towards Canaan and what was the purpose of the expedition? Why did they end up in Charan? The Torah gives no indication as to why Terach begins this journey, and it doesn't tell us why the journey ended prematurely.

Perhaps it is the very same fact of Terach's travels, proof of the Sforno's suggestion that the Land of Canaan was well known for its holiness, it also could be that as Torah is suggesting, that Terach a man identified within Midrashic literture as a purveyor of Idolatry and might have been searching for greater truth. Could it been that Avraham's father was not irredeemable, but acctually showed a spark of the spirit that would eventually burn force in his son's heart. We will never know for sure.

Terach may well have begun his journey with high hopes, but tragically it was to soon aborted.

The Torah's message is clear, succes in life depends not on only orginality and inventiveness, but also upon the often overlooked qualities of persistence and constacy. What did separate Avraham from Terach, on one level, Avraham finished the journey while Tenach didn't. How many individuals in history have made a real difference simply because they have been willing and able to finish the task?

Something to think about, " Ba'ma eida? How will I know when the time is right?

" It will not happen in your time, or in your childrens time, or in their childrens time, only after generations, only after exile, will your descendents conquer the Land. "

We are told that the Moshiach is destined to come, bringing with him the conclusion of our nation's story, how he comes, when he comes, how much difficulty or ease will come with his arrival, and which of us will be there to greet him are all issues that are determinded by our actions.