Sadness, Joy and the love for HaShem

Published on 14 August 2023 at 16:10

There is a deep sadness, when we are celebrating the immortality of the Yiddishe Neshama. The loss of a loved one is devasting beyond words.There is a measure of the Neshama in the knowledge that death is not final. The essence of every Jew will live on forever and ever. Clinging to the knowledge of HaShem's eternal connection to His people and being happy, sing and dance is a great gift from HaShem. It enables us to come close to HaShem. A way in uplifting ourselves and to reach a higher place. Where gravity pulls us down, but the joy uplift the soul. It is like Neilah at Yom Kippur and dancing on Simchas Torah. The avodah of dancing on Simchas Torah is the joy of Ashreinu Ma Tov Chelkeinu. When Yidden dance in a circle, there is a  intensity of closeness to HaShem.

There is a story about Yidden in a death camp during WW2

Arm in arm a group of boys were dancing, with fire deep inside of them for HaShem, and some of them were singing the song Ashreinu.

The Nazi who heard them singing  coming from the gas chambers, ran in, shouting at them to stop! He yelled at them " You are singing to your death " !

The boy who had inspired his friends with his fiery spirit of holiness said: " Yes, we are singing and dancing with joy to leave a world  with wicked people like you in it ".!

The Nazi said: " I will show you ! " I will take you to the barracks where you will all die a slow and painful death! He than ordered them to leave the gas chambers and to wait until morning....

But HaShem had different plans, the Nazi was being send elsewhere that night, to another location, which led to the survival of every one of those boys.

Can we even grasp the power of the song and dance with HaShem?

What would we have given to witness that moment, to hear the sound of joy and the closeness to HaShem.