Tisha B'Av & the Western Wall

Published on 30 July 2023 at 19:19

The 9th of Av 5783

Watching the crowd gathering at the kotel. It is Tisha B'Av and  a very important and sad day in Jewish history, it marks the destruction of the first and second temple, and all other atrocities we had to endure through history.

Wachting the video and looking at the wall, something came to mind. The wall, the only thing still standing after the destruction of the second Temple in 70 CE by the Romans. Could it be that the Wall still standing, is the first Wall of the third Beis HaMikdash? Is that why we feel something more than stone alone when touching the Wall? I do believe HaShem is there with us, especially when there are so many of us gathering at the same time, it makes every prayer so powerful.

The Kotel is a source of inspiration  and prayer that connects the Jewish people. It's not only a Holy place but also the most uplifting place, where we pray, sing and dance. Tisha B'Av is the saddest day on our calendar, but in all honesty I haven't seen sadness, there was grief for all the the destruction and pain it causes us through time in history which marks this day. What kept us going for centuries is the love HaShem has for us, the plan that we part off as the chosen people and not because we are special or better but because we have a covenant with HaShem en He gave us extra responsilities, the 613 Mitzvot.

The Western Wall is special and we feel someting when touchting the stones, as it is touchting our Neshama. On Tisha B'Av we fast, we mourn and we pray, not only to commemorate but also to be close to HaShem and with everything we do is to be a light to the nations, just as He wants us to be.

We are now living in the end days, and everything points towards the prophecy of the coming of the Moshiach and the rebuild of the third Beis HaMikdash. Maybe this was our last Tisha B'Av, but maybe one more time next year, and if so, we are not going to to grief this day, we are going to rejoice!