Published on 23 May 2023 at 16:36

Is there a difference between loneliness and being alone?  The answer is yes, loneliness is somerhing you can easly change by meeting other people or picking up the phone, simply by talking to somebody and instantly you don't feel so lonely anymore. Being alone is something different, you can do the same thing but after coming home or putting the phone down the feeling of being alone is still there. This what happens when you are really alone.

HaShem is epitome of perfection, Rabbi Manis Friedman says. He's infinite in every way you could possibly imagine and beyond what we could even comprehend. But despite being the epitome of perfection, G-d felt a void—He was alone.

And in the greatest expression of humility, He acknowledged it. He admitted, "Even though I’m perfect, 'just me' is not enough." HaShem didn't created this world to gain anything. He didn't need to. He had everthing and He was everything.

HaShem didn't just want something more, He wanted someone more. And with the creation of Adam , was the beginning  of companionship.

We are the 'someone' G-d wanted to share His existence with, to connect with. 

Feeling lonely is not a weakness as Rabbi Friedman says "  And just like G-d, we also yearn of " someone" over " something" !

The loneliness we feel isn't a flaw~ it's a divine trait. It's our soul longing for connection.

This is the main reason why we get married. Not because we're looking for someone to complete us or make us better, but because life becomes infinitely more meaningful when we have someone to share it with.

So, next time when you feel lonely, remember it's not a sign of weakness or something to be ashamed of..

Sometimes it is a bit more complicated, loosing your husband or wife, divorce or maybe you haven't met the right person yet. What can you do to change  loneliness or really being alone? So many times a year, when yet another holiday, is coming up, there are so many lonely men and women. As much as we like we cannot invite all these people on our Shabbos table, or at Seder night.

I been searching to find some incredible stories of people feeling lonely or really being all alone, and maybe sharing these stories will help overcome this feeling from being alone.

There are so many Jewish men and women out there feeling lonely, and wouldn't it be wonderful when all these people could get in contact with each other. There is also something else to get out of a situation like this, just contact your neares Shul or Chabad house, they are there for all Yidden.