Mazel Tov Lily Ebert

Published on 1 February 2023 at 10:11

Lily's story is deeply moving as she is inspirational to all of us. In the depths of Auschwitz Lily made herself a promis, that if she survived she would dedicate her entire life to make sure the world would know what happend during the Holocaust. Together with her great- grandson Dov Forman, they created a platform on social media, but in particular on TikTok, to educate and reach younger people.

" I don't speak only what I learn~ I went through it

While trying to imagine what being in Auschwitz really means, the atrocity, the most horrible experience a humanbeing can possible go throught, and yet Lily Ebert survived, and telling herself, that she didn't want to remain a victim, and choose life, made herself a promis, and as she dadicated her life to educate, she a wrote a book " Lily's Promis " which captured powerfully her story, her life in Auschwitz, or as she says, " It was no life "

On Tuesday the 31st of Januari Lily Ebert received a MBE, after she had been included in the New Year Honours list. With her was her great- grandson Dov besides her she accepted the award.

She said that " Words cannot explain how much this means to me" and " Not so long ago, there were people who wanted to kill me of my religion and today I received this honour ".

Something so terrible like this should never, ever happen again, our responsibility in life is not to be a bystander, not enable antisemitism which is the biggest thread we are facing today.

As many people say it is such a long time ago, we should move on, but todays hatred against the Jewish people is real, its alive and it is dangerous. There is still many things to learn from the Holocaust.


                              Lily's Promis