Women and Learning Torah

Published on 4 January 2023 at 12:11

There is quiet a revolution going on in todays classrooms, Shuls and homes, all over the world. In the early years women's Torah education was just the basic and practical Halachic knowlegde that every women needs to know, this among other morally approved studies. There is still a debate going whether women should study Torah, eventhough it proves the way women changing the way they view themselves and their connection to Jewish tradition and involvement in Jewish life.

Whatever the consession was, whether this was changing times, or feminism, women did develope a desire for learning Torah and there was this fear among Rabbi's of certain movement that women would leave the religious fold. The Chofetz Chaim had a effect on the ruling that women should learn Scripture and ethics, this ruling served in every girls and women's schooling. With the oppotunity for women to study Torah and even on a high level, not only to make a career out of it, but also as Torah Lishmah, learning for their own sake, Torah study is a very important Mitzvah, which should apply to both men and women.

Serious Torah learning gives a huge spritual fulfillment and a positive development within the community.