Trust HaShem

Published on 10 July 2023 at 17:12

When we learn daily  from the Chovot Halevavos, it will help us with our bad inclination and remove its power.

Serving HaShem is placing our trust in Him for all our matters and among them are a peace of mind in trusting HaShem. When we chose not to trust HaShem and place our trust in something other than Him, HaShem will remove His providence from us and leave it in the hands of the one we trust instead.

" For My people have commited two evils ", they have forsaken Me and the spring of living waters, to dig for themselves cisterns, broken cisterns that do not hold water. They exchanged their glory for the likeness of an Ox eating grass" ~ Tehillim.

When we trust in HaShem, He will be our refuge.

HaShem watches over and directs the lives of all people, He does not abandon any of them or neglects any of them. None of their matters, whether it is small or great, or hidden from Him, and no matter can distract Him from remembering all other matters.

No human being can benefit or harm either himself or any other person, without permission of HaShem. When we realize this we will stop being afraid of them or hoping for anything from them, and we will place our trust in HaShem alone.

Nothing in this world that exists, whether purposeful or accidental have limits which cannot be increased or decreased from what HaShem has decreed.

Only by HaShem's decree and His will that matter should come into existence and also through a intermediate causes and means, some near, some remote, some apparent, some hidden. But all of which was brought into existence by decreed, and this is His preparing all means and all matters. When all these means are blocked, none of the actions, which normally bring matter into existence will not succeed.

Divine wisdom requires testing of man in his service of HaShem or his rebellion against Him. When HaShem test us, we always have a choice in the matter, even if this means lacking of needs in things like, food, drink, clothing, shelter and marital relations. And how hard or how painful it might be, it is a process of free choice , whether to serve HaShem or rebel against Him.

Someone who trusts HaShem, accepts His judgement in all matters, and thank Him for the good as well as for the bad.

There are some things that cause a loss of trust,

This is ignorance with regard to HaShem, and His good atttributes, as someone may not realize that HaShem's mercy towards His creations, His guidance, providence and rule over them, and that they are bound by His chains and under His total control, they will not be at peace and will not be able to rely in Him in providing their needs.

 The other ignorance of HaShem's commandments, namely His Torah, where He instructed us to rely on Him and trust Him. 

There is so more to study about the Gate of Trust and how we can apply this into our lives, in trusting HaShem.


Shaar HaBitchon, the Gate of Trust from Chovot HaLevavot by Rabbeinu Bachya ibn Paquda