How it all began

Published on 29 May 2023 at 11:54

The letters of the Torah have a creative power " The Torah and HaShem are One" 

Don't look at the Torah as a story book, or a book of law, it is nothing less the the Name of HsShem Himself: Divine energy arranged in letter " Pockets".

The Tanya refers to two different methodes of rearranging letters " Chluf " ( switching ) and " Temurah" ( exchaging ), while these two methods sounds similar, they are in fact different " As much as the heavens are different from the earth ". Switching is a process of taking some letters and changing their orders, just like a anagram. When the letters are 'exchanged' they are swapped for different letters, this is through a weel, which are then arranged into the desired Ibid( word)

Exchanging the letters is a very different process because it diminishes energy significantly, much more then with switching, but this is actually very helpful as Tanya explains. " This whole process is necessary because on a individual level created object and therefore can't receive their energy directly from the energy of the Ten Statements of Bereshis in the Torah. Because this energy is flowing from the Ten Statements would be much to great for a individual creation to receive and they are only able to receive this energy once the energy has been downgraded in multiple levels, this is through switching and exchanging letters.

Why is it necessary to switch and exchange at all? Why didn't HaShem made a simple list of every entity He wished to create in these Ten Statements in Bereshis?

The answer Tanya gives, is that the Ten Statements contain a raw  primordial energy that generally speaking, it just too great for individual creation, and therefore switching and exchanging is a necessary process by which this raw energy is downgraded on multille levels, so it is compatible with ordinary creation.

The weel of 231 gates, is a heavenly exchange system, where the energy of one letter can be switched of the energy of any other. The weel is drawn by placing all 22 letters of the circumferences of a circle and cinnecting each letter to every other letter with a line which will result in a  231 path ways.

The 22 elemental letters He engraved, carved, weighed, premuted them, and transposed them, performing them, when everything is formed and everything destined to be formed 22 elemental letters, He sets them in a weel with 231 gates, turning forward and backward, how did He permute them?  Alef with them all, all  of them with Alef, Beis with them all, and all of them with Beis, and so with all the letters, turning rround and round, within the 231 gates. 

Rearrangement of the letters of the Ten Statements continues through the weel, until  the eventual result is the word ( stone) wich is the life- force of the stone.. and  the same with all other created objects in the world, the name which they are called in the Tenach, the sacred  tong, are nothing other than the letters spoken of in the Ten Statements of Bereshis in the Torah, after passing down from level to through switching and exchanging the letters ghrough the 231 gates, to the point at which those letters can be reached and become embodied in that creation, to energize it, because they spell it name their existence to be " Something "  out of " Null and Void "  that was before the 6 days of Bereshis.

The withdrawl of HaShem's creating and sustaning force to a thing that would not only the thing itself  to a end it would eradicate the very idea  of all manifestation, past, present and future, would cease to be, just like before the 6 days of Bereshis, but there are more technical issues concerning the creation of the Universe through the divine letters. It is obviously that the Ten Statements with every species of plant, animal, and every type of inert matter. How then do the letters of these Ten Statements energize everything in the Universe? And this while the term " stone " is not mentioned in the Ten Statements of Bereshis in the Torah, so how can we argue with the knowledge that the letters of  the word " stone "  that energizes all stones and bringing them into being?

Anyway, the stone still receives its energy through the letter of the Ten Statements, but in order to form the word " stone " the letter must be rearranged and switched