Stories that matters

Published on 16 October 2023 at 18:35

And more stories to come, all of them matters as a member from Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz's Shul Beis HaKnesses in North Woodmere shared with us,

 Angelo called me this morning, that he wanted to come over. He handed me this wad of cash $5.000 and said: " I know your community is collecting money for the people in Israel. This is what I can give, please make sure it goes to those who need it, and I am sorry, I can't give more." This amazing generous man is a Albanian contrator.


Inbal Liberman who understood wat was going on before everyone else did. Inbal is the reason why there is only one Kibbutz in the entire region, Kibbutz Ner Am. 

Originally its was from this Kibbutz she did understood what was happening. She ran from house to house to warn everyone and organized how to defend the Kibbutz and made a plan how to cope with these attackers. All terrorist were shot dead before could even enter the Kibbutz. It were in total 25 terrorist and  Inbal Liberman saved many people of being murdered. A true act of love and bravery.


Between all these inspiring and heartfelt stories, there are also sad stories like this one; little 5 year old Eitan Kaptisher was buried alone yesterday. With no parents. No sibilings, as all of them were murdered by Hamas. There is no one to say kaddish for him. He has no one to sit Shiva for him. This is so heartbreaking. Just a lonely little body in a cold grave. I pray to HaShem, to give this little precious soul an aliyah, lets not forget about him.

In Israel there are so many who has the last 10 days in a shelter, the massacre and the on going rockets that keep on coming, disrupts lives and is traumatic.

" I am not going to pretend, I having a really hard time praying to G-d. I know my prayers are needed, now more than ever. But I still having a hard time. 

Why G-d? Just why?  I try so hard to tell myself the things I've told others over the years:

" HaShem love us. We are His children. HaShem loves me.We don't know why things happen. We don't understand G-d's ways. "

I know all the answers. And yet, I have an tremendous hard time turning to Him the past week. I don't know how to cope with the dissonance of everything He does. How could He allow such barbaric cruelty? Again I know the answer. He didn't do this. Hamas did this.

But how did He allow this to happen?  Anyway I am going to force myself to talk to Him and ask Him for mercy and compassion. That's what I need. That's what you need. That's what we all need.

HaShem, enough pain and suffering. Please make it stop. Please bring our children home. Please eradicate evil from this world. Please protect our soldiers. Please protect our families.

If I ever done anything good in my life.If not for me, for the nation and the good we are doing. If not for this nation, for our forefathers.

Please bring Moshiach.

We can't handle this much pain any longer. Please, HaShem!

"I will pray for you, If you find it hard praying yourself. HaShem will understand you Hillel,as he is a loving G-d who will have mercy and compassion for you, and for us." πŸ™β€ 

There is nowhere a country like Israel

Almost on every corner of the street people are collecting whatever is necessary for the Chayalim.

Families opend their homes for the once who needed to be evacuated. 

And there is this shop, which a family put up in the middle of the  Dizzengof Mall with free goodsfor people who had to leave their homes.

And there are many more inspiring stories, which I will share with you.