The days after the attack on Israel

Published on 16 October 2023 at 16:43

As I still trying to come to terms with the attack and still in shock.  Something amazing happen, as the darkness is not yet lifted, a bright light is shining from deep inside all of us. On social media, in our communities, in our Shuls. 

Prayers for Israel, for our brothers, sisters and their children goes viral around the globe. Rabbis who let us what we can do to help and so many more amazing and beautiful emerges out of the darkness and this what I want share with the world. There also sad stories, the ones that are heartbreaking, were pain is immense and there is nothing else I can do then pray.


When one of us is hurts, we all hurt. We are Jews and we persevere, we are not victim, we are strong. We do grieve, but we pray for peace, for our brothers and sisters, for the Chayalim who keeps Israel and its people safe. We do fight for something that we believe in, but mainly its a peaceful with our prayer, our Torah and our charities.


I came across amazing stories, like this one : A 95 year old Israeli man volunteerd in a army uniform, to join the army to defend his country, just let sink in for moment and who much love there is inside this man. Or this story told by a EL AL crew member: A religious Jewish man, who wants to remain anonymous, stood quietly next to the EL AL counter at JFK Airport. Anyone who showed him a IDF-call up paper, had their ticket paid for, in total B"H this man paid 250 tickets.


And then this story about a non- kosher restaurant in Tel Aviv, they koshered their whole kitchen, so that they cound provide and donate kosher food for the Chayalim and Chayalot. 


Jews from all over the world, came to Israel to offer their help, from diggin graves, offer medical assitence to distribute Tzitzits to the Chayalim. And from all over: waterbags, headlamps,chargers ( portable), socks, toothbruches etc, arrived at JFK Airport. The wonderful young peole in Israel volunteerd to stock the selves in the grocery stores, as all workers are on the frontline.


As the regular cleaning crew couldn't make it into Hadassah Hospital, the Bnei Akiva youth showed up at the hospital and volunteerd to clean, leaving the hallways with a fragrance of Ahavas Yisroel, this is something to be proud of.


On October 15 in Jerusalem, a couple from Netivot( close to Gaza) as they were about to get married, but because of the war they almost didn't have any quest. But the unfinkable did happen, B" H Jerusalem showed up and it was packed with people who didn't know the couple, but hey we are all family. 


And there is more to come, inspiring,warmhearted but also some sad stories that need to told as they makes us who we are, thinking about how we always been pushed down through faith and we always stood up again and picked up pieces.


Noya is a 12 year old Israeli girl, with autism, and she is the biggest fan of Harry Potter. She loves drwaming away about this magic world, where you can fix anything that is broken in this world. Hamas Kipnapped her more than a week ago. When no dreams can bring her back to her parents, all we can speak up Hen Mazzig says, when he reached out at JK Rowlings and ask her to use her voice. The love for this girl speaks volums.



Update: Jk Rowlings joined the fight against Hamas. After she was tagged  to help get Noya's story out.