The attack on Israel and the Jewish people

Published on 16 October 2023 at 13:29

With tears in my eyes I want to share with you what happend on the morning of October the 7th, just after 6 am. At that time many of us didn't know about the attack on Israel as we where still observing Shabbos or in other parts of the world Simchas Torah.

When most of us on sunday night,the 8th rudely were awaken to the fact that Hamas yet again attacked Israel. But this it was different, this time it was far worse than ever before.

There was a invasion of Hamas in southern parts of Israel, sirens echoed across the whole country and the surprise attack came with death from air, sea and the ground.Hundreds of terrorist in buldozers, motorbikes who breached the fences and taking Israeli soldiers off guard. While thousands of missiles were fired upon Israel, Hamas committed the worse atrocity since the holocaust, killing more than a thousand Jews in a single day. Bodies of entire families lying dead in front of their houses, or burned to death in their houses, women raped and murdered and taken back into Gaza and drove their dead halve naked bodies paraded as trophy's, through the streets of Gaza.

Children were being killed, slaughered in their beds and lying in pool of blood toys and coloringbooks still open on the floor. In several Kibbutz in Kfar Aza, Re'im and Be'eri, many children and babies were abducted after they killed the parent or abduct them to and taken them into Gaza, their fate is still unknown.

While writing this down, the tears keep coming, the pain is like a sharp knife that cut so deep into my soul, my whole being which is connected to my brothers, sisters and their children.

While it was still raining rockets, more and more stories and horrifying video's, photo's showing the actrocity that took place of this horrific terror attack. The shock has not just lifted as Jews around the world on social media and outside in the communities, when there Soul where shining so bright, prayers being recited, Tehillim being read,in our homes and in our Shuls were we could join for Chizuk and prayers.


Uptil now 1300 Jewish people are killed, at least 150 women, men, children and babies being held hostice in Gaza.

Be'eri was targeted early in the morning on Shabbos/ Simchas Torah.

Hamas turned music festival near Kibbutz Re'im into a massacre, Re'im is close with the border with Gaza. While hundereds of visitors trying to flee the the site, when Hamas launches a major attack, where the rockets were soon followed by gunshots fired at them, as they were running in sheer panic in all directions. 260 people where killed in that attack, an unknow number been taken as hostages into Gaza.


Kfar Aza, the Negev desert near Kibbutz Re'im, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Sderot and Tel Aviv, where all targeted and where the gruesome atrocites took place.