Missionary Swindlers of Jewish Souls

Published on 14 May 2024 at 22:28

Missionaries, at first I didn't thought much of it and by ignoring them they would go away. Unfortunately it does not quite work like that.


There are many approaches and tricks with the same goal...converting the Jews to Christianity. In there approach they use various methods, intellect persuasion, mental and cognitive persuasion, charming you, emotional intelligence, manipulation, smooth- talking to induce belief and action.


As Missionary persuasion is based on trickery and manipulation, and consider their belief a rule of reciprocity, exchanging things that would have a mutual benefit, especially when priviledges are granted by one country to another for example Israel. Beware its a trick!


The deception is a "con "enabling people to be fooled, through cheating and lying, and causing them to think they’re involved in a “great” thing.


Often they approach Jews by proclaiming they are Jewish or being converted into Judaism, infiltrate and make as many Jewish friends on social media platforms, from being charming to confusion to harrasment, which could be so overpowering when Jews are off guard, they are ready to come to their resue to convert them, its often as simple as that.


In some Asian and African countries they do not accept Judaism as a faith, Jewish litgury, Torah study and conversion into Judaism is prohibited by law. Like China and Kenya where due to many problems with conversion through Orthodoxy as there is no Orthodox Beis Din in the country. 



Christian missionaries all over the world has one goal, in a multi- demominational Evangelical Campaign, better know as 2033.earth, was launched on the southern steps of the Temple Mount. Their focus on conversionary effords towards the Jewish people in Jerusalem. Their goal is that all (observant ) Jews on earth have to hear and respond to the good news of the Messiah - Jesus Christ.


In a dialogue with varies missionaries they never given it any thought,what the impact of their proselytizing has on Jews. The missionary group says that their mission is to pray and to serve the Jewish people everywhere.


If you love to share your faith in Yeshua, care about the well-being of the Jewish people, and want to honour the Lord by making His priority your priority, is often their answers. With no regard for the free will or the feelings of the Jews.


Many evangelical missionaries in Israel work under a messianic guise and fit the profile of the fraudsters described above. They utilize many of the same techniques and psychological approaches. They are, in essence, swindlers of Jewish souls. 


To go into Charedi or Orthodox neighborhoods, is a apportunity to reach the Jewish people, while the majority living in Brooklyn NY, there is no better place to go, just like  Mea She'arim and Nachla'ot in Jerusalem is the place to go, to bring their gospel of the good news of Yeshua the Messiah, with blaring megaphones into the Charedi neighborhoods on Shabbos.


Not only on the streets, but phone calls as well,  as a woman witnessed another woman on the phone, she was talking to an elderly lady, by the time she finished the Phone call, and says she prayed with the elderly lady and the lady became to know Jesus the Messiah, she said.


Members and supporters are being told that this is the most significant opportunity and having expanded to 17 countries and the missionaries of the Chosen People Club have plans to open their doors in many more countries, just like their counterpart " Jews for Jesus ".



Rabbi Tovia Singer of Outreach Judaism- an organisation aiming to bring Jews back to Yiddishkeit, described the evangelical work of messianic groups as “relentless”.He described their method as a blurring of distinctions between Judaism and Christianity in order to lure Jews, who would otherwise resist a straightforward Christian message.


The focus lies on Missionaries and not on Christians who genuine support Israel and the Jewish people


To all  Christian people who have no desire to Proselytizing Jews, this is not meant for you.