The Coming of Moshiach

Published on 9 November 2022 at 12:01

Lately I have been thinking about the coming of the Moshisch, and what will he bring and how do we know he has arrived. As we all know it is not Jewish thinking to go to heaven, we have to bring heaven down to earth, that is our mission together with this to bring more light to the Nations, as they are part of HaShem's plan.

The righteous Gentiles, who really don't need to be a Jew to have a relationship with HaShem, Gentiles have their own mission, and when they commit themselves to seven Noachide laws and with this they are  choosing HaShem, they can also bring the Moshiach in. Each of us has are own mission,and our mission is to have a relationship with HaShem and to bring heaven down to earth, the righteous Gentiles mission is to elevate the world, and this will bring heaven and earth together, in order for HaShem to live with us. 

HaShem is interested in every one of us, no matter where we come from, or what our background is, we all have a part in HaShem's plan. What we have seen happening for a few years now, is that some of the righteous Gentiles ending up doing conversion to Judaism and after Giyur it will become also their mission just like ours, some others convert to Judaism because it is there mission to join Klal Yisroel, but for most it is their mission to live in terms with HaShem as a righteous Gentile.

Do we know what will happen when the Moshiach has arrived? 

" Behold I will send to you Eliyahu Hanavi, before the arrival of the great and awesome day of HaShem "

So does this mean that Eliyahu will appear before the coming of the Moshiach? This is not very clear, as some are saying that days before the Moshiach, he will arrive, but there are other who are saying, No, the Moshiach will come before the Gog and Magog war, But where does this leave Eliyahu?

The fact that we haven't seen the appearance of Eliyahu doesn't stop the Moshiach from coming. When HaShem thinks that at this point we deserve it, He will not delay the redemption any longer than necessary.

Eliyahu has some very important foundations to lay.

🔹️ First of all he will bring peace to the world.

🔹️He will rectify the behavior of Israel, which means they have to repent and return to HaShem, bringing the Torah back into Israel.

🔹️He also will ordain Rabbi's, because it is necessary to re- establish the Sanhedrin, this is the Rabbinic Supreme Court, he has to know if they are eliglble to serve on the Sanhedrin and  the Rabbi's need to be ordained by someone who can trace the chain of his ordaination all the way back to Moshe~ who he in his place ordained Yoshua and many others. It will be taken into account that during exile the chain has been broken.

🔹️He will issue discissions which are been made and remained unsolved in a Halachic dispute.

🔹️He  will inform every Jew to which of the twelve tribes he belongs, Eliyahu has the ability to establish the trible ancestry of every Jew stems of his attending Bris Milah.

It is also said that the Battle of Gog and Magog, will begin before the arrival of the Moshiach, but here we are a bit mistified as we are uncertain if we can identify Gog and Magog, are they indivituals or Nations? We just don't know. Not even if this will be a physical war or a spiritual one, we don't even know if it already happening or still has to happen.

One of the important things is the redemption and the promis of the gathering of all Jews from exile, and all Jews to be settling in their own tribal portion of Israel, and no Jew will be left behind, this also included the ten lost tribes.

The holy Temple  Beis Hamikdash, which was distroyed by the Romans, will be rebuilt in Jerusalem and will be focus point to all Nations, and as we will be freed of time, we will have more time to study Torah and to get to know HaShem by studying Him.

The Moshiach will reveal the unknown and the hidden dimension of the Torah and the Torah we are currently studying is not in comparsion to the Torah of the Moshiach, he will teach us the Torah in a way that we will be able to see what we are studying, it will be a complete different way of taking in knowlegde.

The Mitzvot which we will perform in Israel, with the Torah be brought back into Israel, will make it holy as it was intended to be. The new Mitzvot will be of a greater quality than the Mitzvot we are performing today, and we will be able to perform all Mitzvot, which we are unable to do right now.

In this awesome and miraculous time there will also be the Resurrection of every Jewish soul that ever lived, and will return to the body it lived in and died.

When all said and done, it will be a happy time 🤎