Chassidic way of life, the Ramash and the passing of the Rebbe

Published on 20 November 2022 at 14:25

The Rebbe asked other Orthodox groups for support in opening a few hundred Shuls in the near future, the demans of Rebbe were beyond their wildest dreams. But the Rebbe lost no time, effortlessly to save his students and Chassidim from war time Europe, he begun to infusing new life into American Jewry. All within two years he opend fourteen yeshivas,  primary day schools, Rabbi Shemaryahu Gurary the eldest son in law was appointed by the Rebbe to be director of all the yeshivas, he worked hard organizing and raising funds.

It was in 1943 that the Rebbe established something that would have the deepest impact on Jewish life in the US, this was Merkos L' inyonei Chinuch, this is a organization for Jewish education. Machne focused on the needs of observant community and the Rebbe named his second son in law Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson to be head of these organizations. The Ramash had escaped the horrors of Nazism in France and via Vichy to Portugal he arrived in spring 1941 in America.

Merkos was the first organization who was dedicated to Jewish education development and this was under leadership of Rabbi Menachem Mendel,within four years the organization had eighteen operating schools in the US, Merkos also made a network of youth clubs as Mesibos Shabbos, where children would come together on Shabbos afternoon.

Shalah, a comitee for further Jewish Education, allowed children an hour a week of for religious lessons, but some of the Jewish establisment were opposed to this program, dat was held in public schools at the time, they said that the program lowered the barrier between church and state and Merkos then launced a publication division, Kehot Publication Society, in 1943 Merkos drew up a summer outreach program that sent yeshiva students to visit Jewish communties outside NY. With this outreach program the Rebbe was the pacesetter, and other Orthodox groups followed, by the time it was 1944, there were seven thousand students in yeshivas in NY and surrounding area's. One of the Chassidim told the Rebbe that a similar organization called Torah Umesorah had plans to developed Jewish schools, the Chassid was surpriced by the joy it gave the Rebbe, he wasn't upset by the competition, the Rebbe told him that he hoped they would do this.  The ideaTorah Umesorah came from Rabbi Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz which is also one of the visionary fouders of America,s pioneering yeshivas, Yeshiva Torah Vodaath.

When in 1945 the war ended, a lot of challenges and oppertunities arises and one of the major priorities of the Rebbe van strenghening the Chabad community in Israel, many of the Russian Jewry were adviced to move. The Rebbe founded a Chabad town near Tel Aviv called Kfar Chabad, within time, this would become the epicenter of Chabad in Israel.

From Mikvahs, Shuls and Torah studies for young and old and there was no aspect of Jewish life untouched by the Rebbe. When Yeshiva Torah Vodaath was in financial crisis, the Rebbe quietly provided a huge sum money, and he was so emotional connected with the Jewish community, that a illness of a Chassid would bring him to tears, but also tremendous joy by succes of one of his shluchim enrolling so many more children in a yeshiva, this did uplift his spirit.

In 1949 the Rebbe was sending young rabbinical students to college campuses, because the Rebbe told them, " The time has come for us to start working with college students". The Rebbe was a great Torah Chacham, and within ten years of the Rebbe's arrival in America the Jewish day schools in the US and Canada grew to 23,100. But this wasn't enough, the Rebbe vision was to reach Jews everywhere, this was just before his passing and with the help of the Ramash  he began to investigate the situation of Jews in Marocco, Tunsia and Libya. It was a week before his passing that he asked his son in law Rabbi Menachem Mendel to arrange and send a Shliach to North Africa to establis the situation there en revitalize Jewish education.

On the last thursday evening in January 1950, the Rebbe received visitors for yechidus until late in the evening, among the visitors were Rabbi Yitzchak Dubov a Chabad Rabbi from Manchester UK, and when he asked the Rebbe how he felt, the Rebbe answered, 'We have to be satisfied and with HaShem's help we will hear good news about Jewish people "

It was late on following friday, a noise woke up seventy four year old Moshe Feiglin, who lived some ten thousand miles from Brooklyn in Shepparton Australia, he woke up his twelve year old grandson Uri and together they hurried to the dining room to see what causes the noise, they saw the framed picture of the Rebbe who had stood there in the room for years, had fallen, and the frame was broken, he knew then that something has happend, Moshe Feiglin was very upset and his grandson couldn't calm him, he couldn't consol  him and throughout Shabbos, Freiglin was deeply troubled. The next day he received a telegram with two words   "Histalkut Admor" The frierdiker Rebbe had passed away during Shabbos.

7 Shevat 5718